Tailored solutions for every business size

All types of organisations

Eurosoft has the ideal solution and experience to assist from small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises

Extensive knowledge of the regulations


Not just software developers but also chemists, biologists, toxicologists and environmental experts who ensure practical and professional services.

Only provide technical excellence

Broad experience in relevant technologies

We are familiar with classic and emerging techs e.g. Java, S4/HANA, Fiori, Mobile devices & IBM Power Systems.

Focus on customer satisfaction

The only award that really matters

For over 30 years our highly motivated team meets the challenges faced by our clients.


Provide efficient solutions

to fulfill all your regulatory compliance obligations.

Whatever the technological platform of our customers we can provide the solution to improve their regulatory compliance.

We provide Software

Windows or Web solution with ChemGes for MSDS automatic creation , Eureka Plus for Occupational Risk Management or Eurolabel for Labeling.

We provide Services

You are running SAP? We support you in the implementation, customization and training of SAP EHS Product Safety, S/4H Product Compliance, EHS Management and Eurolabel (labels migration from WWI templates) solutions.


Provide exclusive services

Software for MSDS

ChemGes software for GHS classification and the automatic creation of Safety Data Sheets in 39 languages.


The software includes chemicals database, GHS/CLP classification, MSDS generation and labels.

Software for Safety

Eureka Plus solution to assess Health & Safety risks and implement effective and appropriate mitigations.

Eureka Plus

Identify, evaluate, and mitigate health & safety risks. Detect and resolve safety issues. Learn from incidents.

Labeling Software

Eurolabel solution for label design and printing fully integrated with SAP S/4H, WMS, MES or other ERP systems.


Design efficiently your own label layouts according to all current standards (CLP, GHS, GS1, etc.) without coding and deploy them in your labeling process.


Ensure product safety, compliance and marketability with SAP solutions.

SAP EHS Trusted advisor

We provide for SAP EHS Product safety and S/4H PC implementation and maintenance services, support, consulting and training.

SAP EHS Management

Operate safely by identifying, analyzing and mitigating EHS risks with SAP.

Leading expert in EHSM

We provide implementation and consulting services, Fiori enhancement, support, consulting and training.

MSDS Authoring

Extend your EHS team by providing multilingual and experienced staff.

SAP EHS Services

Improve compliance and save time by letting our experts create, analyze and manage globally compliant SDS and label content in your SAP EHS system.

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Why Choose Us

preferred SAP partner

Competent on Product Compliance & EHS solution portfolio

Partnership started with TechniData in 2004 and was pursued after the integration of TechniData into SAP in 2010

Integration of Eurosoft in SAP team for global projets:  contribution of our consultants during workshop and design phases, support for implementation of EHS modules, development of enhancements for customer needs,…

Sustainability Co-innovation activities: EHS Testing, prototype feedback.

Prototyping and coaching of ramp up customers for the validation of next releases of the SAP EHS solution

Share our expertise and present to USF members the successive evolutions of the SAP EHS solution.

Understand business customer requirements and define innovations. Integration of our EUROLABEL labeling solution to S4/HANA data model. Migration from EHS current WWI labels templates to Eurolabel labels templates.


Our Working Process


Customer Onboarding

We understand the purpose of your project, clearly get and analyze the business and IT requirements.


Project Analysis & Deliver

We have the technology and regulatory expertise to provide, implement or develop solutions that meet your needs.


Customer Offboarding

We ensure customer receives the best experience by personalizing training and hypercare phases.

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