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admeuro 7 August 2023 0 Comments

A regulatory resource still up to date

The company DR Software has recently released a new update of the ChemGes solution with a lot of new features and as usual the latest regulatory content confirming once again that legal and data changes are implemented quickly in their leading solution for creating and managing safety data sheets (SDSs), labels, PCNs and IPIs.

What’s new with ChemGes 57.0 ?

New function – Web research for substance data

 The raw materials in the delivered ChemGes standard database can only represent a small fraction of the CAS number directory and are composed of the chemicals most commonly used in the industry, as well as those that are subject to official classifications or labelling. Usually, customers have to create their own chemicals in the ChemGes database.
ChemGes now provides additional assistance for this task : Data that cannot
initially be provided due to the variety of substances mentioned above, can be
automatically downloaded online and selected for import.
Discover the ChemGes Web Research on YouTube :

Output of information for nanoforms and endocrine disruptors in the MSDS

With this update nanoforms (number based particle size distribution, form, structure, crystallinity, surface-to-volume ratio, …) and endocrine disruptors information (output of list II  and list III)  can be managed and output on the SDS for concerned sustances.


With this update the EuPCS (Version 4.0) and the notification format (Version 5.0)
were revised. Furthermore ChemGes includes now an embedded function for generating the easy-to-read log report in your ChemGes PCN export directory as does the ECHA’s IUCLID program.

Regulatory Data Update

With this update the new and amended UN number descriptions according to ADR 2023 have been implemented in the following already available languages : German, Danish, English, French, Croatian, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Slovenian, Russian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish and Swedish.
This update implements new threshold values for Germany (TRGS 900, TRGS 903), France, Denmark, Canada (BC), Japan, Slovenia, Greece, Australia, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Latvia, Hungary, the USA, Spain, Estonia, Switzerland and Ukraine
This version 57.0 of ChemGes includes a lot of amendments of national chemical inventories and substance listings :
– GIS Codes
– Annex XVII (EU)
– EDC lists I, II, III (EU)
– WHC-list (AwSV, Germany)
– CCA-TS (Chemical Control Act, Korea)
– HSSC (ISHA, Korea)
– Waste Codes Korea
– JISHA-SMCS (Industrial Safety and Health Act, Japan)
– APCL (Air Pollution Control Act, Japan)
– Bio ECS (Japan)
– MONII/III, PACs (CSCL, Chemical Substances Control Law, Japan)
– PRTR23-C1, PRTR23-C2, PRTR23-SC, PRTR C1, PRTR C2 und PRTR SC1 (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Law, Japan)
– FSA (Fire Service Act, Japan)
– WPCA (Water Pollution Control Act, Japan)
– MPCL (Marine Pollutant Control Law, Japan)
– PDSC-D, PDSC-P, PSDC-SP, PDSC-DE (Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Act, Japan)
– AIIC (Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals)
– SUSMP (Australian Poisons Standard)
– EPA Carc (USA)
– Prop 65 (USA)
– SARA 313 (USA)
– Red List (RL, RLP, RLWL – USA)
– DSL (Domestic Substance List, Canada)
– PZZS (Lijst van Potentieel Zeer Zorgwekkende Stoffen, the Netherlands)
– SZW – NIET limitatieve lijst van voor de voortplanting giftige stoffen: NIET B – Borstvoeding, NIET O – Ontwikkeling and NIET V – Vruchtbaarheid (Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid, the Netherlands)
– NZIoC (New Zealand)
– HSNO codes (New Zealand)
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