Reference Information

  • Customer name: Robertet Group
  • Category: Flavors and fragrances
  • Project: EUREKA Software for GHS/CLP classification, Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) generation & Labeling


Founded in 1850, the Robertet Group is a family-based company in Grasse, whose main activities include sourcing plant ingredients and transforming them into natural volatile and non-volatile extracts. These extracts are then used for the creation of flavorings, perfumes and the active ingredients in health and beauty products. Due to an extremely integrated sourcing approach, Robertet has developed a real expertise in natural products, making the Group today’s global leader in natural aromatic raw materials. The Robertet Group is organized into four divisions. Natural raw materials Robertet supplies natural ingredients for the flavoring and perfume industries as well as the active ingredients used in health and beauty products. Its expertise ranges from sourcing plants to industrial processes of extraction, hydro-distillation, purification, and molecular distillation, as well as CO2 extraction, combining its methods and knowhow with tradition and innovation. Fragrances Through its staff of perfumers, researchers, evaluators, application and marketing specialists, Robertet explores the world of unique olfactory emotions and develops high quality perfumes. Flavors Since the Group has a thorough knowledge of the flavor cultures specific to each continent, its flavorists evaluate the ability of their creations to meet the customer’s requirements with the help of customized sensory panels. Active ingredients The Group’s new Health & Beauty Division is backed by the nutricosmetics of Hitex and Bionov to explore the health and beauty benefits of natural ingredients.   KEY FIGURES - 554 M€ sales figure in 2019, - 1130 natural raw material references sourced in more than 60 countries - 2000 employees around the world - 14 creation centers - 1st in the world ranking of natural ingredients