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Health & Safety Solution

efficient software that helps companies overcome regulatory challenges

Identify, evaluate, and mitigate environment, health, and safety risks. Detect and resolve safety issues. Learn from incidents.

Nowadays, increasingly high EH&S standards, regulations and legislation constraints weight heavily on businesses, and intelligent, world-wide compliance has become the standard for doing business on a global basis.

Manage proactively operational risks to protect people and the environment for own operations and plants is one of the major challenges.

A solution such as Eureka Plus for risk management assessment and incident management meets this challenge.

Eureka Plus helps you identify, evaluate and mitigate Risks and Incidents

One solution allows you to seamlessly manage all of your safety and risk management activities.

Increases the efficiency of the people responsible for health and safety management by reducing administrative tasks. Encourages employees to report any near-misses and use the information from incidents to review risk assessment and control methods.


Create the structure to represent where a risk exists spatially (a plant, an equipment,...) or functionally (a department, a job, ...) in your company


Management in a central database of chemical products with their GHS classification, threeshold values and their MSDS

Risk assessment

Health and Safety risk assessment process using a standardized and structured approach (matrix, measurement methods, documents) for your entire organisation.

Mitigate risk

Control measures to reduce risk and prevent harm. Actions and notifications to assign and schedule the work required to put in place controls. Re-evaluate hazards after measures have been implemented.


Export your risk assessment to a standardized format for printing (DUER for french labour code, ...) or spreadsheet. Comprehensive snapshot of the incident data in visual format such as graphs or reports (injury frequency rate, lost time injury frequency, ...).


Report and track near misses so that future incidents can be prevented. Collect comprehensive incident data in seconds with a user friendly interface. Focus your resources in concerned areas to mitigate further incidents.

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Take the challenge!

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