Case Study Information

  • Business need: This international cosmetic packaging supplier will ensure that the manufactured and distributed products meet the essential requirements in the form of directives, regulations and company standards.
  • Category: Discrete Industrie
  • Solution provided: SAP Product Compliance (EHS-MGM-PRC)
  • Features: Bill of Material Transfer/ Regulatory lists, revisions and Compliance Requirements management / Execution of Compliance Checks

Check compliance for products with SAP Product Compliance

This company wants to improve their compliance process when developing a new product for a specific market or customer. The new product must fulfill all the regulations for this market or customer, that is, the product has to be compliant with the related rules and regulations. After a workshop and configuration phase, lasting only one semester and carried out jointly with SAP colleagues, the new features were made available to users from the Regulatory Affairs department. SAP  EHS Product Compliance helps them today to be compliant with product-related environmental regulations such as the EU Directive for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (EU RoHS) and the REACH substances of Very High Concern in articles (REACH SVHC).