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Compliance Software

efficient software that helps companies overcome regulatory challenges

Chemicals database, GHS/CLP classification, Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) generation and authoring, Internal Plant Instructions and labels.

The time and work involved by experts for the classification of preparations, calculation of transport classifications and the creation of Safety Data Sheets, is constantly increasing by frequently amended and supplemented legislation (for example GHS) and the necessity to provide translated documents in numerous languages.
The ChemGes software contributes to an essential relief of the responsible specialists in industry and trade and so helps to achieve significant savings in cost and time for the compliance with mandatory requirements in national and international legislation.
MSDS Software


enables automatic creation of MSDS in 39 languages

Raw materials database

About 25.000 different substances with GHS/CLP and transport classification, Threshold and IBE values for the USA, Canada, all of Europe and other countries, International listings (SARA, TSCA, Reach, KECI, IECSC, PACS, etc.).


Creation of your own preparations that consist of Raw materials, other preparations (intermediates, unlimited number of levels is possible) or Text (from a phrase database or manual text).

GHS/CLP Classification

Automatic Classification according to the CLP (1272/2008/EC in the latest valid version) and according to UN- , US- and Canadian-GHS (Globally Harmonized System of classification and Labeling of Chemicals).

Transport Classification

ADR/RID, DOT/TDG, IMDG and IATA regulations included. Automatic creation of declarations for hazardous goods (proper shipping name). Declaration according to UN Model Regulation.

Safety Data Sheets

Automatic creation in 39 languages according to REACH, including Exposure scenarios, to requirements of OSHA HCS and HPR and to the UNECE GHS regulations. Automatic distribution and resending via email.


Freely definable, individual label templates including regulatory data, UFI and variable fields, printout of hazard and transportation symbols, Barcodes. Up to 30 languages on one label. Automatic font size adaptation in relation to the available label size

More than 1.800 customers in 70 countries

Multilingual user guidance. Network capability. Complete entry of a new formulation into the database, as well as the subsequent creation, compliance check and output of the finished Safety Data Sheet, only takes a few minutes.

Poison Centre Notification

Provides an End-to-End Solution, automating everything from the UFI to the PCN notification. Built-in UFI generator. MiMs maintenance. Manual or fully automatic upload of single and bulk notifications, directly to the PCN portal (including S2S).


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