Case Study Information

  • Business need: This world leader in cable manufacturer and energy solutions was looking for a solution which produces the single risk assessment document (DUER) according to french labour code.
  • Category: Cable manufacturing
  • Solution provided: Eureka Plus
  • Features: Identify safety risks / Assess the severity, exposure and likelihood of each risk / Central chemicals database / Prevent or mitigate their impact with controls measures / Action plan / Analytical Reporting / DUER generation

Risk assessment and DUER reporting with EUREKA PLUS

There are many kinds of occupational hazards in the cable industry, related to the products, processes and machines used. The insulating sheathing of electrical wires and cables with plastics and rubber, the treatment of metal alloys and electrolytic refining represent major chemical risks (toxic dusts and vapours, metal alloy fumes, acid mist, etc.). The mechanical operations of wire drawing, stranding, braiding, manufacture of drums, extrusion expose workers to cuts to the hands or crushing during the movement of the moving parts of the machines, driven by rotors or cylinders in rotation, or to projections of foreign bodies into the eyes: moreover, these operations are sources of high noise in the workshops. Heat treatment of copper and other metals can cause serious burns. Finally, occupational risks not specific to this industry must be taken into account, linked to handling, falls from the ground, the possibility of contact with live electrical conductors, etc. After the implementation of the solution EUREKA PLUS, all HSE managers have now  an efficient decision tool which dynamically generates their DUER by identify occupational risks in the company and record them in the solution. The DUER leads to the development of the annual programme for the prevention of occupational risks. They monitor the implementation of preventive measures and work methods guaranteeing a better level of protection of the health and safety of workers at all levels of activity and management. They can inform employees, including those who do not know the location.